Get Involved with Main-Transit...

Main-Transit Fire Dept. would like to remind everyone to keep the community in mind during this holiday season. Take a moment and check on your neighbors, see how they are doing. If you have young ones, have a conversation about being involved in their community. Being involved can be as simple as sending a thank you card to a local veteran or getting involved with your local Fire Department. 

We also want to remind everyone that Main-Transit Fire Department is 100% volunteer and is composed of members from YOUR fire District. We are currently seeking new members as well as community members, families and groups who can assist with miscellaneous support services on a limited basis. We also have a Junior Firefighter program for 13-17 year olds interested in learning what firefighting is all about from a first-hand experience.

We encourage the residents and families of our Fire District to get involved, make a difference and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Happy Holidays!
- from Santa and is helpers at Main-Transit Fire Dept.