An Important Message from the Main-Transit Fire Dept. Regarding COVID-19
The Main-Transit Fire Department is a primary provider of Emergency Medical Services in southeast Amherst. We partner with Twin City Ambulance who responds besides us on Emergency Medical calls and provides transport to medical facilities. The leadership of our Fire Department is in constant contact with Local, County and State Officials and receives the most up to date information available regarding this pandemic on a daily basis. Additionally we are in communication with the Erie County Health Department and ALL local hospitals. All information that is received is reviewed thoroughly and is then disseminated to the First Responders clearly.

During this time of uncertainty we ask if you require an ambulance, for any reason, please be patient with the dispatchers at our local dispatch centers. The dispatchers will ask a series of questions that allow us to better understand your medical needs and the required levels of protection that are needed to keep everyone in the community as safe as possible.

Depending on the symptoms that are described over the phone, when arriving on scene our crew may be in full protective equipment including masks, goggles and gowns. Please don't be alarmed by this extra layer of protective equipment, this is to protect you, our responders and the community as a whole.. They will enter your home as quickly as possible while making sure that extra precautions are taken and the equipment is correctly and safely put on. Once our first responders are on location they may ask you the same questions that were asked by the local dispatch center and request that you go into greater detail when answering. This is to ensure that the first responders on location have all of the correct and most up to date information regarding your incident and that it is handled safely for everyone involved..

Most importantly for the safety of the First Responders if you have already tested positive for COVID-19 or have had contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID -19 and are now in need of hospitalization we kindly ask that this information be transmitted to the local dispatch center when placing the call as well as to the representatives of every First Response agency that you encounter when rendering assistance to you or anyone with you. This is to ensure that you receive the most appropriate care in regards to your situation and to ensure that we keep our first responders safe to handle other emergency calls going forward.

Furthermore, if you need to be transported to a hospital we may not be able to honor your request as to which hospital to take you to. This decision may be made by Erie County Department of Health which determines the current capacity and capabilities of all of the hospitals and what could better suit your needs.

Please know that the volunteer members of the Main-Transit Fire Department are working tirelessly and are committed to serving the people of the Main-Transit Fire District in a safe and efficient manner keeping you, our responders, and the community as safe as we can as we navigate through this unprecedented time..

Daniel Hooper / Fire Chief
Main-Transit Fire Department