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Prevent Fires From Home Heating Equipment

Heating equipment is among the leading causes of home fires nationally and in New York State. Very often heating related fires are the result of a lack of maintenance or simple acts of carelessness. Checkout some important guidelines...

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Open House

October Fire Prevention Open House

Did you make it to our October Fire Prevention Open House? Check out the latest photos from our fun and educational annual community event...

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Help Us...Help You....

Main-Transit Fire Department is proud to be your Neighborhood Fire Department, and proud to be 100% Volunteer. We really depend on your donations to help defray the costs not covered by your town fire tax. Please consider making a donation today.

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Is your clothes dryer safe?

Fires caused by dryer vent lint are one of the biggest causes of residential fires. Make sure you check out our checklist of safety tips to keep your home safe and help prevent clothes dryer fire...

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Welcome to Main-Transit Fire Department. We currently have 40 guests online...

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MTFD Community & Member Programs

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The Explorers

Developing support for volunteer fire and community service is an ongoing dedication at Main-Transit Fire Department. The Explorers is our youth program designed to help develop theĀ  formation of positive relationships and a sense of belonging to something greater than ones self, for youths ages 14-18 years of age.

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The Slo-Pokes

Main-Transit Fire Dept. competes in motorized and foot race Firematic Competitions throughout the state, which utilize many facets of everyday firefighting skills, including developing unity, dedication, skill amongst themselves, and pride within the department. Spectators are welcome to all tournaments held throughout the state.

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Amherst Firemen's Bowling League

At Main-Transit Fire Dept., we believe that developing camaraderie and friendship with our neighboring departments helps create a stronger and safer community. Competing in the Amherst Firemen's Bowling League is just one of the many ways that we establish these bonds while participating in a fun and competitive atmosphere.

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Banquet Facilities

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Have an upcoming Party or Get-Together?

Check-out and book our newly renovated banquet facilities for your next gathering!

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