LIVE Main-Transit Virtual Meat Raffle

Prize List | Raffle Starts 7:30pm EST • FRI 12/4

ROUND 1: 3lb Hot dogs, Pizza logs, 2lb Hamburgers
ROUND 2: Pork loin, 2lb Sausage, Taco logs,
ROUND 3: 2 strip steaks, Rack of ribs, 3lb Bacon
ROUND 4: Pizza logs, Taco logs, 2lb Sausage
ROUND 5: 2 strip steaks, Rack of ribs, 2 ribeye steaks
ROUND 6: 2lb Hamburger, 3lb Hotdog, Pork loin
ROUND 7: 2 ribeye steaks, 2lb shrimp, 5lb chicken fingers
ROUND 8: 3lb bacon, Rack of ribs, Pizza & taco logs
ROUND 9: 2 racks of ribs, 4 strip steaks, 3lb Hot dog, 2lb hamburger
ROUND 10: Flank steak, 2 racks of ribs, 2 strip, 2 ribeye
ROUND 11: Beef brisket, Pork shoulder, 2 racks of ribs
ROUND 12: Rack of ribs, Pizza & taco logs, 3lb Bacon
ROUND 13: Pizza logs, Pizza logs, Pizza logs
ROUND 14: Taco logs, Taco logs, Taco logs
ROUND 15: Flank steak, 2lb shrimp, 3lb Bacon, 2lb sausage

Grand prize list will be posted before event and will get larger as we sell more tickets.