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Breaking News: A ruptured sprinkler head causes $30,000 damage

A ruptured sprinkler head caused $30,000 damage and the evacuation of more than 20 residents from an Amherst nursing facility Sunday afternoon.

Main-Transit firefighters reponding to the 3:08 p.m. alarm found water pouring from the ceiling of a room in the Hopkins Wing of Brompton Heights Nursing Home at 275 Brompton road, Chief James Lawida said. The firefighters were able to shut off the water and stayed on the scene to assist with the extensive clean-up effort, Lawida said.

He estimated $20,000 damage to the structure and $10,000 to the contents. No injuries were reported.

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The Slo-Pokes

Come See Us Training in Action!

Our competitive Slop-Pokes Team utilize many facets of everyday firefighting skills, including developing unity, dedication, skill amongst themselves, and pride within the department..

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The Explorers

Fostering the Future of Our Youth & Community

Developing support for volunteer fire and community service is an ongoing dedication at Main-Transit Fire Department. The Explorers is our youth program designed to help develop theĀ  formation of positive relationships and a sense of belonging to something greater than ones self, for youths ages 14-18 years of age.

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Softball League

Strength in Teamwork

Our softball games are played on Friday evenings followed by get-together between departments players, members, family and fans. This has helped establish a close friendship amongst neighboring departments that often work together in mutual aid.

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Competitive Fun

Competing in the Amherst Firemen's Bowling League is just one of the many ways that we establish bonds with our neighboring departments while participating in a fun and competitive atmosphere.

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